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Bitcoin & Blockchain

The world has been gripped by the words Bitcoin alongside with the Cryptocurrency. They spread round and captivated everybody as it was with the advent of internet. It looks quite complicated to gain an understanding of these things. But we wrote this book to give the clear explanation for cryptocurrency phenomenon. The book does not give only simple explanations to bitcoin system but provides answers for the variety of questions like bitcoin and blockchain connection, the importance of the Blockchain. It covers issues of cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency investing. You will be able to dive on this technology and be a confident user. Figure out what is the bitcoin mining and how does the blockchain technology work. All these and lots of other useful information is included into the book. Learn what are basic needs to start the virtual trading and what are the benefits of this. Find out how to choose the trading platform and the best tips for investors. Own the Bitcoin & Blockchain book and start the new way of earning money.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency TechnologiesBecome an Expert in the world of Crypto by Mastering Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing & Portfolio ManagementBecome an Expert in the world of Crypto by MasteringBitcoin – The future of Money* Bitcoin mining process | Satoshi Nakamoto aka the inventor of Bitcoin + Bitcoin Market analysis | Why Bitcoin is capable of overtaking Fiat currencies + Digital Gold VS Traditional Gold explained | Bitcoin purchasing power in a grow* How to get ready for Bitcoin revolution | The future of recruitment and payroll + How to get paid in Bitcoin | Benefits of peer-to-peer economy – the future of business + Understand why Bitcoin value can reach $1Million | 11 reasons to invest in Digital Gold* Wallet technology: Hot wallets, Cold Wallets, Wallet recommendations + where to buy them + How to avoid online scammers | How to buy Bitcoin safely + How to find & use Bitcoin ATM-s | Bitcoin trading & Investing explained + Bitcoin mining using your laptop or android phoneBlockchain – The Technology* Brief history of finance | The trigger of the birth of Blockchain + What is the distributed ledger system | Who are the miners and what’s is their responsibility + Understanding Step-by-step how each block gets created | The basics of Cryptography* How Blockchain works, and why can not be hacked | What are the Blockchain attributes + How Blockchain benefits business purposes | Encoding VS Decoding arbitrary data + Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange | Elliptic Curve Cryptography* Advantages of the Peer-to-Peer networks | Logarithm basics | Digital SignaturesCryptocurrency: Trading & Investing* Understand what Cryptocurrency is, and why you should take advantage of the market Wallet Technology: Learn the differences between Hot & Cold Wallets. Pros & Cons of the best Hardware wallets. Learn where to buy them, and how to use them! Know how to locate Bitcoin ATM-s, and learn how to buy or sell Bitcoin for Cash!* Learn what are the best Cryptocurrency Trading platforms, and find out which one best suits you, either you are from United States, Europe, or from the rest of the world. + Scamming techniques revealed! + Learn how to avoid online scammers What is pump and dump, how to recognize them, and how to avoid losing your investment* Strategies and Techniques of how to recognize all criteria that must be considered before investing! Detailed Guide to identify your investing! Currency, Platform, or Application? + How to keep your portfolio profitable at all times! Learn techniques on when you should re-balance your portfolio! Should you hire a specialist?* Learn what moves the market capitalization, and learn how to recognize market manipulation & long term success! + In depth analysis of the best cryptocurrencies on the market + Learn about the best privacy based coins + How to do Company background checks and Vetting process* Learning the size of the marketplace and it’s potential needs + Find out about the best platforms for smart contracts + How to differentiate market capitalization, volume, and the value of a coin + Learn about the best blockchain based applications * The Importance of marketing strategies, and appearance + Technical analysis by volume and historical data + How to recognize market manipulations, and pump & dumps + How to track a Road map and future projects plans + Should you pursue investing in ICO-s? + Grasp the future of data storage + Master cryptocurrency investing, step-by-step

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What Is Cryptocurrency

Do you need a bitcoin for dummies book that isn’t written for dummies? A guide that’s up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news for 2018? A beginner’s guide to bitcoin, altcoin trading, the Ethereum blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges and more? Let’s make the super complex bitcoin economy very simple to understand. It has been put together by award-winning journalist Chris Stead and the team of expert writers from Crypto Finder. It has been purpose built for people who want to learn about cryptocurrency and understand how cryptocurrency works, but need the technobabble broken down into layman’s terms. Inside you’ll not just learn how to make money with cryptocurrency, but also… How cryptocurrency started. A blockchain for dummies guide, cryptocurrency mining, the best cryptocurrency wallets and best cryptocurrency exchanges. A step-by-step guide to trading bitcoin, trading Ethereum and trading cryptocurrency. Avoiding scams in bitcoin investments. How to do a cryptocurrency technical analysis and read cryptocurrency charts. The difference between cryptocurrency altcoins. Cryptocurrency predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, Stellar, TRON and more. This is the bible you need to successfully break into the $300 billion-dollar cryptocurrency market. Understand how to buy cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency trading, the blockchain economy, cryptocurrency pricing and cryptocurrency investment. Learn the best crypto online trading sites. We also detail the differences between all the major altcoins, including Bitcoin vs Ethereum, with a detailed bitcoin analysis and Ethereum analysis. The good news is, anybody can get involved in and try their hand at making money with cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency and what is blockchain are questions many ask, and this complete dummies guide covers the following chapters: Introduction to What is Cryptocurrency? How did bitcoin trading start? What is blockchain and how does blockchain work? Understanding bitcoin, altcoin and Ethereum mining How cryptocurrency works Explaining ICOs What is an altcoin? Explaining blockchain forks What is a cryptocurrency wallet? What is a cryptocurrency exchange? A step-by-step guide to converting real money to cryptocurrency Supply, demand and volatility: investing in cryptocurrency How to trade cryptocurrencies step-by-step guide to trading bitcoin to Ethereum or to altcoins Where to use cryptocurrency How to avoid cryptocurrency scams and pyramid schemes What are the best altcoins? What is Bitcoin What is Ethereum Bitcoin vs Ethereum What is Ripple XRP What is Stellar Lumens Ripple vs Stellar What is Bitcoin Cash What is Litecoin What is Cardano What is EOS What is NEO What is IOTA What is Monero What is TRON How to read cryptocurrency charts and do a technical analysis How to get cryptocurrency news Cryptocurrency terms explained Visit for all your daily news and updates. This cryptocurrency book joins Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction by Arvind Narayanan, Blockchain Technology Explained: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide About Blockchain Wallet, Mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Dash, IOTA and Smart Contracts by Alan T. Norman and Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gild

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Bitcoin founder mystery deepens as ‘British NHS worker’ claims to have invented it – but ‘lost hard drive containing £8.1BILLION early coins’

Bitcoin founder mystery deepens as ‘British NHS worker’ claims to have invented it – but ‘lost hard drive containing £8.1BILLION early coins’

A BRIT is claiming to be the mysterious founder of Bitcoin – the hugely popular cryptocurrency that suddenly appeared in 2008.
The alleged inventor has named himself as James Bilal Caan, an NHS worker with a background in IT, and says he LOST the original hard drive with £8.1billion of “early Bitcoin” on it. Credit: Faketoshi
It’s the latest twist in the ongoing mystery over who created Bitcoin.
The valuable cryptocurrency was created in 2009 by someone using the fake name Satoshi Nakamoto.
Several people have identified themselves as the founder, include James.
In a series of blog posts published this week, James said that he created the currency – but “lost” the hard drive that can prove it. Credit: Faketoshi
This is important: the first coins created – now valued at £8.1billion – can only be controlled by Bitcoin’s founder.
Anyone who really owned the coins would be able to move them, verifying their identity.
But James said a case of bad luck when he sent his laptop off for repairs led to his downfall.
“My everything was in that hard drive! It was military-grade encrypted and password-protected,” he explains.
“So I was overly confident – to the point of being arrogant – that the techie guys could not have access to my HDD data.
“That’s why I left the HDD inside the laptop and didn’t take it out. The laptop came back by courier a few days later and it contained a new HDD and, of course, the bitcoins weren’t there!” Credit: AFP or licensors
But James seems to be a highly suspicious character.
The unknown man claims to be of Pakistani origin, but lives in the UK and works for the NHS fixing IT systems.
So it seems odd that he would decide to send his own laptop off for repair – despite being an IT buff.
To make matters more mysterious, James’ story of how he got his name is very odd.
He claims to have been born as Bilal Khalid, but changed his name based on Godfather actor James Caan, and also Dragon’s Den star James Caan.
“After the creation of Bitcoin and having chosen the alias name of Satoshi Nakamoto…I was watching the movie The Godfather when I saw James Caan,” he said.
“It was at that moment I thought, ‘I am the godfather of digital cash’.”
He continued: “I also saw UK serial entrepreneur James Caan on the BBC series Dragon’s Den.
“I realised I could relate to him in that he was an Asian who had also changed his name, which is very uncommon.
“And the Dragon’s name reminded me of my mom calling me James and Khan.”
James also released an image of “himself”, which looks very strange.
The blurry snap has lots of odd artifacts, and the glasses look completely fake.
In fact, they look just like a fake human face generated using AI . Credit: Faketoshi
Bitcoin got you baffled? Here’s what you really need to know Bitcoin is a virtual currency It’s traded between people without the help of a bank Every transaction is recorded in a public ledger, or ‘blockchain’ Bitcoin is created by mining Mining involves solving difficult maths problems using computer processors Bitcoin can be traded anonymously, which makes it a popular way of funding illegal activities A single Bitcoin is worth just over £8,300 today, but the value fluctuates wildly Bitcoin is one of many different cryptocurrencies, but by far the most popular
The actual founder of Bitcoin created the cryptocurrency under the false name Satoshi Nakamoto.
In October 2008, Nakamoto published a paper online describing how the Bitcoin cryptocurrency would work.
And in January 2009, Nakamoto released the first Bitcoin software that launched the network – and the first units of Bitcoin currency.
He claimed to have began writing the code for the system in 2007.
Embedded in the coinbase transaction of the first block was the text: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”
This referred to a headline in The Times published on January 3, 2009.
It’s believed that this was used not only to date the system, but also to pour scorn on traditional financial systems.
Several people have been identified – or identified themselves – as Nakamoto, but no one has been able to verify it.
One prime suspect was Dorian Nakamoto, a Japanese American computer engineer whose birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto.
However, Dorian strenuously denied any involvement with the project.
A Californian developer named Hal Finney also worked on Bitcoin, and was suspected by some to have produced the service – though this has never been proven.
Australian academic Craig Steven Wright once claimed to have created Bitcoin, but cryptographic evidence he provided wasn’t enough to verify him as the founder.
To this day, no one has been able to fully authenticate someone as the inventor of Bitcoin publicly.
We’ve asked the NHS to verify James’ identity and will update this story with any response.
Bizarre moment Bitcoin ATM spews out £20 notes at Bond Street Tube Station

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Is Bitcoin Still Worth It?

Is Bitcoin Still Worth It?

Is Bitcoin Still Worth It? August 21, 2019 by Admin Trading crypto assets is always about the great risk of losing an original investment. The reason for this risk is the high volatility on the crypto market value, which can be traced to the bitcoin history. In this article, we are going to make an insight into how the profitability of bitcoin has been changing throughout the years and how you can still benefit from investing in crypto today. Trading crypto assets is always about the great risk of losing an original investment. The reason for this risk is the high volatility on the crypto market value, which can be traced to the bitcoin history. In this article, we are going to make an insight into how the profitability of bitcoin has been changing throughout the years and how you can still benefit from investing in crypto today. Crypto industry has quite a comprehensive history behind its back. It all began with bitcoin as an asset circulating within the dark web. Only after some time bitcoin became a part of mainstream due to the striking price increase. This milestone instantly caught the attention of investors and market traders, who were seeking to extract maximum advantage from the emerging financial technologies. Some of them managed to profit substantially, whereas others failed crucially. No wonder! Bitcoin price was uncatchable at that time: it first surged up to $20,000 and then plummeted to the $3,000 within as little as one year. So what about now: are cryptocurrencies still worth that? According to crypto experts, tracing the latest crypto developments, the future of bitcoin, in particular, will largely depend on how governments treat its further development. The recent news is hardly uplifting though – governments of some countries tend to put a spoke in the wheel of crypto technologies. As experts put it, it is hardly possible in the forthcoming perspective, that cryptocurrencies will be used in day-to-day transactions. The main value a crypto bear today is the decentralized nature of its operation. Bitcoin does not relate to any government or banking system but stands as an autonomous and self-sufficient banking system. This status quo is extremely beneficial to rich individuals and companies, who involve in cross-state transactions. However, some experts suggest that bitcoin can become a part of our daily lives within Visa and Mastercard payment networks. The thing is that, for all the privacy and swiftness bitcoin provides players on the financial markets, average people feel comfortable swiping their bank cards when paying for their Starbucks coffee. So as you can see, predictions vary on where bitcoin is going to get in about 5 or 10 years. Let us address the opinion of a self-made billionaire and early crypto investor Daniel Ameduri. Daniel is the president of Future Money Trends LLC, and he takes an interest in quite different assets – cryptocurrencies and gold. “I first heard of bitcoin when it was at $1. I visited a crypto conference, where I saw a group of extremely enthusiastic people, who shared one common goal. And this is what fascinated me the most. It was not about making cash, but about creating this new decentralized network, a high-performing alternative to the financial system,” Daniel said. “Thankfully, the present this inspiration and enthusiasm goes far beyond those 300 people I met that day in a conference room. Now aside from bitcoin, you also have Ethereum and Litecoin and dash, which pushes the crypto industry forward. I guess the next step – implementation of the blockchain technology in all big and medium business companies. This implementation will highly contribute to the transaction fees reduction and swiftness of international transfers”. However, as Daniel go on, he highlights several drawbacks of bitcoin, which prevents the whole crypto industry from further development. “Bitcoin, as well as the crypto industry as such, still lacks the swiftness and financial availability to get to another notch of its development. Besides that, the costly and energy-consuming mining devices make the whole process not worth the result. The future of crypto is not possible unless changes are introduced in these parts”. Daniel gave his interview some time ago, so back then, he was not aware that these changes he mentioned were already on their way. Thankfully, nowadays there are decentralized blockchain-based networks and crypto coins, which solve the problems of high fees, downtimes and bulky equipment issue all in one — for instance, Metahash network. Created in 2019, Metahash introduces a brand new wave of crypto network and coin. Using the smart contracts technology, Metahash extracts the best a blockchain-based platform can offer. Metahash suggests a unique solution that unites the blockchain systems into a single decentralized high-performing platform, tracking each and every transaction taking place within this network. Such a platform will be a precursor of even a bigger project – an advent of a self-sufficient blanch of free internet. This global network will be independent of individual developers. Instead, the whole network will be administered by open voting of users or #MetaHashCoins2 owners. Such a decentralized system will entail full freedom from giant corporations and governments, putting the network management in the hands of users.

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Tune into @Noderators livestream today from 4pm UTC. We'll be announcing our next @ellipalwallet luckydraw winner and disc…

RT @Noderators: Tune into @Noderators livestream today from 4pm UTC.

We’ll be announcing our next @ellipalwallet luckydraw winner and disc…

The miners look for these smaller values by using another random number, called a “nonce”, in the formula together with the transactions and the hash of the last block. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #crypto #hash #mining

A Decade of Unrestricted Wealth Sergio Pastrana &amp; Guillermo Suarez-Tangil

A First Look at the Crypto-Mining Malware Ecosystem: A Decade of Unrestricted Wealth
Sergio Pastrana & Guillermo Suarez-Tangil #bitcoin #monero #criptomonedas #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fintech #sharingEconomy #GIGeconomy #tech #TIC

Ways of effective earnings on cryptocurrency
Many believe that you can earn on cryptocurrency only by mining. In this article we will consider new effective ways of earning on cryptocurrency.
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#While #Bitcoin is a #digital #technology, #natural #disasters still #affect this #nascent #ecosystem. #Poolin, a #prominent #cryptocurrency #mining #pool,

#Blockchain #ThursdayThoughts #Crypto #Bitcoin #Digital #Money #Coins #Dollar #Banks

RT @iOWNToken: What is a miner?
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Expert Guide to Bitcoin

Get this Top Release – Great Deal!Bitcoin is not just a new word in the technological or Internet and financial progress, it’s a start of a new age on earth! 5 years ago we couldn’t dream about digital currency or money- you can’t physically touch them but you can own and spend them.Bitcoin is already gaining in the financial market. Anyway, to run the world you need to know everything. We can’t guarantee that you will know EVERYTHING from this book, but we can guarantee you will have the notion of a new currency – Bitcoin. What is it? Where did it come from? How do you use it? Is it really just fake internet money created by drug dealers? That is precisely what we will be answering in this book. We’ll cover everything you need to know in order to get started with Bitcoin: understanding the Blockchain and Bitcoin transactions where to keep your Bitcoin how to choose a secure wallet buying Bitcoin investing in Bitcoin how to start accepting and using Bitcoin as a part of your business principles of Bitcoin mining the security of Bitcoin etc Order your copy of this fantastic book today!Scroll up and click the orange button “Buy Now” on the top right of this page to access this book in under a minute

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